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MMA Books By Category

Of course, there’s no way to put every book on the subject of MMA in a clear category. That notwithstanding, as martial artists, we do like to categorize and name just about everything we can. So, in that sense, we did our best to divide the best MMA books 2021 guide into three major categories. Those are technical books, strength and conditioning books, and biographical books. All three types have a huge role in learning the complex art of MMA. So, we included all of them in our guide, with detailed reviews, of course.

Technical MMA books are pretty much self-explanatory. These are books on Mixed Martial Arts as a whole or addressing one of the core areas. Not available as soon as a decade ago, these books are a cornerstone of a successful MMA career. Technical books teach you the ins and outs of training MMA, in terms of striking, grappling, offense, defense, tactics, and putting it all together. While you can’t learn techniques without giving them a try you sure can get some ideas and perspectives from technical MMA books!

Biographical MMA books are a real hidden source of knowledge. Choosing to read about the life of a UFC world champion is definitely going to aid in your own MMA journey. After all, you don’t just get inside information, but also their thoughts on everything, from mindset to strategy. Moreover, you learn about their struggles and mistakes, so you do not fall into the same traps.

Finally, there’s the subject of being in shape to fight in the first place. Strength and conditioning training for MMA evolves in leaps and bounds with every passing year. This year’s top developments are included in our detailed guide.

How to Learn From Books

In this modern-day and age of digital learning and technology, people do need a reminder on how to use books. We wouldn’t really have the best MMA books 2021 guide if we didn’t include a few pointers on how to use martial arts books to actually improve at martial arts.

First of all, forget about learning new techniques from books. Even from technical books, what you’ll learn are details and, more importantly, the application of technique. Video instructionals show you things in context, and it often restricts people to just those aspects. Seeing something in a book gives you the option to think, and figure out how and where it fits your plan. This is a much better way of acquiring knowledge than just copying moves.

Moreover, reading causes you to use your brain more and fill in the gaps when photos are not included. In terms of strategy, or understanding techniques or conditioning, this is irreplaceable. It also boosts your creativity and remains in your memory for much longer. this information is then easier to access under duress than recalling moves you’re trying to copy.